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Experica S.p.A.

Distributors, Exporters

AddressS.P. Rivoltana, 63/3 - 20060 - Vignate (MI)
Phone+39 0255302245
Fax+39 025471138

Distributor - Exporter: Spare parts for Industrial Vehicles.

Shockabsorbers for cars, buses and I.V. Anti-theft devices (mechanical and electromechanical types) Pneumatic braking devices for industrial vehicles Batteries Spark plugs Glow plugs Brake blocks Brake cylinders Compressors for industrial vehicles Braking regulators Brake disks Clutch plates Filters, air for engine Clutches and components Refrigerators for industrial vehicles and electronic parts Tow hooks Braking systems Clutch assemblies Disk brake pads Brake calipers Pumps for brakes Radiators Spare parts for industrial vehicles Spare parts for air climatization units Rebuilt spare parts Heaters for industrial vehicles Servo brakes Servo-assisted clutches Drum brakes Tie rods and steering linkages Brakes and components Spare parts and accessories for trucks Bearings for wheel hubs Cables for spark plugs Pumps for power steering Supplementary and pneumatic suspensions